Monday, April 13, 2009

A weekend in Chillinois

Michigan bolstered it's record with two more wins, which now makes them 13-0 on the year (33 wins in a row!)

The Wolverines departed on a trip to Kalamazoo after an always delightful pregame meal at cottage inn. In front of ~30-40 cold fans at Vicksberg Stadium (apparently this is WMU's home field) the University of Michigan took on Western Michigan for CCLA supremacy. The feisty Bronco's netted the first goal of the game and forced Michigan to respond quickly. And as the sun went down, so did the Bronco's. Michigan easily won the game by a final score of 15-4.

Still full from the night before, the Wolverines sleepily walked down to breakfast at 9am. Besides getting two wins, the breakfast buffet was the best part of the trip. If you had an omelette, you know what i'm talking about. Dank.

The "Lax Fest" began with a colossal battle between New Trier High and the Lake Forest Scouts. Despite having notable alumni, Anthony Hrusovsky and Wes McGowan in attendance, the scouts couldn't capitalize on their late comeback. Hrusovsky's brother, Joey had 5 points and is a future Wolverine in 2010. Watch out, middies.

The second game of the "fest" featured the University of Illinois and the University of Michigan lacrosse squads. Desperation and grittiness were two words that came to mind after watching the Illini play. Their LSM #25 had a requisite amount of flow and was most of the reason why UM couldn't get much going offensively. Spectacular play by Kevin Zorovich and Trevor Yealy gave the wolverines a 5-2 advantage at halftime.

The second half featured more of the same: cold and more cold. When the reserves went in, the trainer had to check them for frost bite. In April! Hey, at least Illinois has to go through the same seasonal fluctuations we do! Brutal weather to say the least.

Bonus coverage: Local Lake Forest newspaper talks about Hrusovsky domination

Next: cheers to a weekend without games!

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