Monday, April 6, 2009

If the dog ain't dead, keep kickin' it!

Whoa! What a weekend! With back to back games against elite MCLA teams, the University of Michigan Men's lacrosse team had all the answers for Minnesota Duluth and 4-time MCLA champ, CSU. Led again by scoring sensation, Trevor Yealy, the Wolverines continued their path to perfection.

On Friday night, University of Minnesota Duluth seemed ready to go. For stretching they lined up squarely at midfield, staring down the Wolverines as if to say, "we don't care who you are. We are dulax". But those thoughts of an upset vanished as quickly as the promise of spring in Ann Arbor. Snow fell today, and the Wolverines made it rain on Friday scoring 6 goals in the first frame. By the end of the night, the #1 team made sure that their lead was protected; the defense had been prone to let downs for most of the night. Luckily, Yealy provided his own bailout--putting in 11 in the night.

The following evening, the Wolverines matched up against longtime MCLA powerhouse, Colorado State. Although Yealy's help wasn't as warranted as the previous night, Michigan's futile efforts on the defensive side of the field were transformed into a denying, disciplined game. They sucked the life out of the CSU offense all night and were awarded with a 16-3 victory.

Congrats to the Seniors on the team, many of whom have spent hours upon hours in the weight room, conditioning, practicing and getting ready for that moment. It really was a beautiful sendoff!

Player of the Weekend: Sophomore Attackmen, Trevor Yealy.
Why? Yealy netted a UM lacrosse game record 11 goals! I mean, common. How obvious can it get? 11. CSU coach Flip Naumberg commented in his infamous journal that Yealy was quite impressive as CSU watched the game from the sidelines. (Flip also linked the status of UM lacrosse to the fact that they have a dance team--admittedly, the players were impressed as well:

Defensive standouts: Michael Bartomioli
Talk about a difference maker! Bartomioli or "Barto" was everywhere on the field, including in the head of CSU fogo #33. There were numerous incidents that arose due to his intensity and physical play. Lesson learned: nobody messes with the Providence punisher.

Best play: Senior Attackmen, Riley Kearns - Bro Rice
Behind the back shot on the way back to "x".
Made ____ look foolish:
a.) Short stick d-mid
b.) Slide man
c.) goalie
d.) all of the above
Answer: d.) all of the above

Hopefully the guys at Sick lax will produce a video soon so that the world can witness Kearns' creative b-t-b. It should honestly be the companies' promotional video. It's that sick.

That's it from me, more to come soon.

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