Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bye-bye Blue Bullets

This is obviously cliché, but I'll say it anyways: it feels like yesterday when we were picking up the Tokyo Blue Bullets from the airport. Their arrival in America was quite a spectacle. This was evident as Midfielder Svet Tinchev laid on the horn in his 2000 blue Ford Explorer to excite the Japanese lacrosse players for their stay in America.

As if they needed to get excited...

Their time here in the United States was short but sweet for certain. The school newspaper, the Michigan Daily did a feature of their trip, which appeared in today's issue. Check it out: Michigan Daily- Ambassadors to the game

Quote of the article: It was all about experiencing the life of an Wolverine lacrosse player — the grueling practices, the long hair, the glamorous gear, the parties and the undefeated record."

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