Monday, June 22, 2009

Detroit Free Press on U-M lacrosse

The Detroit Free Press did a piece on U-M lacrosse last Saturday. The article, "U-M club lacrosse finds success despite obscurity" uses an interview with director of operations, Joe Hennessy. Hennessy talks about Michigan's accent to the top of club lacrosse and the programs' relationship with the athletic department.

At the moment, the University's athletic department is hesitant to make any big decisions about adding new varsity programs. Budget concerns have been cited as an issue. Readers of this page might also take interest in this article.


  1. hey nick its ben from med sport the kid with the foot problem haha. well hopefully u have healed up and got out of there sadly i did and i never got to say bye. really cool site hope to see u soon and that was a sick article they need to make lax a non club sport!

  2. nice article nick haha