Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First Round: Hookie and Hook 'em

The #1 ranked wolverines got off to a lackluster start in their first game of the National tournament. Texas gave Michigan all that they could handle in the unexpectedly hot Denver climate. The first couple frames featured back and fourth scoring with some sloppy turnovers. It seemed as though Michigan would have liked to skip over the first half in general. Play some hookie, perhaps?

But these Michigan kids never skipped school in their life. The boys in blue surged ahead in the second half, led by Senior Midfielder, Peter Vasher (Ann Arbor, MI). Vasher netted five goals after munching down some of his favorite cookies at halftime. Another notable performance came from Junior defenseman, Bob Diehl, nicknamed "fun-deihl-mentals" for his coachability. Diehl was a thorn in the side of the longhorns, forcing turnovers and creating general havoc for the UT offense. Keep it up, Bobby!

Hats off to the longhorns, who represented the Lonestar Alliance admirably.

Final Score: UM 11, UT 5
How about that? A little revenge for the 2005 Rose Bowl loss at the hands of Vince Young!

Ann Arbor News: UM tops Texas in tourney's first round

Next game: 2002 MCLA champs, Sonoma State Seawolves. Game is at 7pm on field #10.

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